donderdag 18 december 2014

Wishing you all ....

A Happy Holidays off course !

Christmas is just around the corner and I'm sure everyone must be busy with Christmassy stuff.
Wether it's completing or wrapping up Christmas gifts, preparing grocery shopping or deciding what to wear, hopefully you're enjoying all that needs to be done ! 

But remember, whenever you're stressed out by all the Christmas stuf that needs to get done, just sit down and allow yourself to do some relaxing crochet ! :-)

This blogpost will probably be the last one from me this year, I also have some busy days ahead.

Although I didn't have that much time to crochet lately and the next couple of weeks will be filled with lots of different things to do, I'd like to show you just a little sneak peak of my next new design.
Hope to have it finished real soon ! 

Well again, Happy Holidays to all of you !

Take care everyone, stay healthy and keep crocheting !

Hope to see you again in the next year.
Thanks so much for reading my blog !


dinsdag 11 november 2014

Everybody goes Kung Fu fighting ????

Hi all !

All though I'm so busy these days, 
(why does a day time job take up so many hours of a day ?! Hehehe !)

I still managed to get a new crochet pattern done in my free hours. :-)

This little guy was requested by my 8 year old nephew who is a fanatic Taekwondo kid.

At first I wasn't sure how to pull this one off but some how I did. :-)

I wrote down the pattern for it and gotten it thoroughly tested at this lovely 

Check out this group if you're a Ravelry user and interested in pattern testing.
New crochet patterns are offered, almost daily, from different designers, to get tested. 

This toy is made using acrylic 8 ply / DK yarn and crochet hook E (3.5 mm)
Finished size is approx. 13” (33 cm) tall. 

Off course you can find more pictures and info about the pattern in my 

Did you know patterns are available to download immediately after purchase at all 3 sites ?

So no need to sit and wait for a pattern to arrive at email, you can start crocheting right away !
I love that about all 3 sites ! :-)

Thanks for reading !

donderdag 23 oktober 2014

Halloween just around the corner

Hi all,

With Halloween just around the corner and so many nice crochet patterns out there,
I'd say these 2 hot water bottle covers (or at least 1, hehe !) 
should be a must - have to your crocheted Halloween collection !

However these 2 characters are no scary types of guys they will be suitable for anyone to keep their feet and tummy warm, right !
Crocheted with 8 ply / DK yarn (acrylic) and crochet hook G (4 mm) it will work up fast and you will have such a lovely and usefull hand made Halloween hottie cover all for your self or to gift to any Halloween enthousiast out there !

You will find more pictures and information about the crochet patterns in my
 And also in my  ETSY SHOP  ---  (GHOST)  ---  (SCARECROW)
Happy Halloween crocheting !

zondag 12 oktober 2014

Ready for some Christmas crochet ???

Hi Everyone !

Are you already looking forward to do some Christmas crochet ???

In the past weeks I've been busy working on a bunch of new designs for Christmas. :-)

To celebrate my brandnew reindeer amigurumi crochet pattern I have included a bonus pattern for the cutest little apron, to make an adorable female version of the reindeer pattern !

Or you could use the bonus pattern to make a cute reindeer couple to complete your Christmas decorations !

You can find all the info and more pictures of both patterns in my 

Thank you for reading, enjoy your Christmas crochet, whatever it will be !

Marjan. X

zondag 28 september 2014

Something different

Hi everyone, 

Wow, it's been a while since I posted here. 

I've been busy with all kinds of things, a lot of it was not crochet related unfortunately. :-)

But I did manage to crochet this scarf, all for me :-) , in between things. 

I love how it turned out, and I am so bummed it's not cold enough to wear it, hehe !

A lot of Dutch crocheters will recognize the yarn I used for the scarf.

It's the beautiful self striping yarn called Fenna from a Dutch household store.

I know this type of yarn is produced in Turkey, and I assume it's probably available in other countries, presumably under a different name though.

It's a very soft, 8 ply / light DK yarn suitable for crochet hook G (4 mm).

While I was working up this scarf I figured I could as well write the pattern 
and make it available for sale in my Etsy shop.

It's been thoroughly tested by a lovely testers group on Ravelry 
and now you can find the pattern HERE.

By the end of the week it will also be available in my Ravelry store. :-) 

Well, for now the scarf is hanging on my coat rack, waiting patiently for bad weather !

I hope all of you will have a nice Sunday, take care ! 


zondag 27 juli 2014

Nederlandse versie haakpatroon Moe de gestreepte kat

Hi everyone !

This time just a small update.

The past days I have been busy translating crochet pattern Moe the stripey cat, into Dutch.

Lately I seem to get more requests from Dutch crocheters for my patterns in Dutch.
Translating is no problem for me and I am happy to do it, but unfortunately it's very time consuming.
I just wish there were more hours in a day !

Off course this pattern is available as an instand download in english (US terms)
in my shop at Etsy.

Thanks for reading, I hope you'll all have a nice sunday ! 


Hallo allen !

Deze keer een kleine update.
Op speciaal verzoek van een nederlandse haakster heb ik dit patroon naar het nederlands vertaald.

Vertalen is voor mij geen probleem en ik doe het graag. 
Jammer dat het zo veel tijd kost en dat er maar 24 uren in 1 dag zitten ! :-)

Het patroon is te vinden in mijn shop op Etsy.

Het nederlandstalige patroon is niet standaard te downloaden na aankoop, maar wordt via de mail verstuurd.

Bedankt voor het lezen ! Een fijne zondag, groetjes Marjan. 

P.S. Mocht je belangstelling hebben voor 1 van mijn andere haakpatronen in het nederlands, 
stuur me dan een berichtje, ik vertaal ze graag. 

vrijdag 11 juli 2014

One more pattern update.

Hi everyone !

Do you remember these 2 little bunnies ?

Ever since I had made them I wasn't totally satisfied with their faces.
Some how they seemed to be a little sad looking.

Yesterday the weather was so hot and I was so tired from working extra hours again in the flowershop this past week, I decided to get settled on the coutch and allow myself a relaxing afternoon. :-)

I took those 2 bunnies out and told them it's about time to get a smile on their faces ! 

 And voila ! 
Don't they have some cute happy faces now !  :-)

The updated and renewed patterns are listed in my shop again. 

You can find more pictures and info about the pattern HERE

Wishing you all a nice weekend already ! 
Hope you're having fun where ever you are !


zondag 8 juni 2014

Hamster Crochet Pattern

Hi all !

This past week I've been super fast at crocheting a new amigurumi toy. 
It literally just came flying off my crochet hook ! :-D

This cute little hamster is made using soft acrylic yarn (8 ply / DK) and crochet hook E (3.5 mm)

Take a look over HERE if you'd like to see more pictures and info about this crochet pattern.

Thanks for reading ! I hope to be back here just as quickly next time. :-)
Take care to all !


zaterdag 31 mei 2014

Snail Tissue Holder Crochet Pattern

Wow, it's been a while since I posted here .

Because of all the busy-ness in my day time job as a florist here in my little home town
I could hardly get any crocheting done. 

I crocheted just as slow as a snail would go. ;-)

But finally here it is, my brand new crochet pattern Snail Tissue Holder.

Wouldn't this cutie look good on your night stand, or anywhere you want it !

It's crocheted using soft acrylic yarn (DK / 8 ply) and crochet hook E (3.5 mm)

The snail's shell can hold an entire package of tissues, coming from a square box of tissues.

You can find more pictures and information about this pattern in my 

Ravelry Store    or     Etsy Shop

Thanks for reading !

I hope everyone will have a nice and sunny weekend ! 


donderdag 24 april 2014

Something old, something new

Hi all !

I hope you all had some wonderful Easter days, I surely did.
I celebrated with my close family and we had a lovely Easter lunch all together. 

Now it's time to toss out all the Easter decorations. :-)
All the eggs, chickens and bunnies need to make room for new items to crochet !

With Mother's Day coming up I decided to renew one of my older crochet patterns. 

The lovely ladybug hot water bottle cover received some updates and a new, better shaped shield !
I'm very pleased with the result and I think my mother will be so happy to receive one of these for Mother's Day. :-) 

The cover is crocheted using acrylic yarn (8 ply / dk) with crochet hook G ( 4 mm).
If you'd like to see more pictures or info about the crochet pattern, then take a look HERE.

Another lovely Mother's Day gift would be a hot water bottle cover like this :

More info and pictures about this pattern can be found HERE
This one is also crocheted using acrylic yarn (8 ply / dk) with crochet hook G (4 mm).

Well, I hope you will choose some lovely gifts to crochet for your moms, whatever it will be ! :-)

Happy crocheting !   Marjan. 

donderdag 10 april 2014

Easter is just around the corner

Hi everyone !

Although Easter is approaching fast, there is still time to start something nice
to crochet for your Easter festivities ! 

On the world wide web there are tons of great, nice and cute crochet patterns to discover,
and here on my small piece of web space I'd like to show you some of my designs especially for Easter.

How about some lovely egg cosies ?

Some cute bunny napkin rings

Or an egg basket ?

Wouldn't your guests be surprised to find a tea cosy like this on the Easter lunch table?

And off course, an Easter bunny toy to play with for the little people  

You can find all the info about these patterns in both my 

and my

Thanks for visiting !  Have a Happy Easter where ever you are ! 


zaterdag 22 maart 2014

Thinking Spring !

Hi everyone ! 

Finally the long, cold and wet winter has ended 
and yesterday was the first official day of spring !

Allthough it was a day with dark clouds and heavy rain;
 just knowing spring is on its way feels so good. :-)

Time to do some garden chores, spring cleaning or shopping for new clothes !

But above all, for us yarn crafters it's time to think about what we'll be crocheting for Easter,
because Easter is approaching fast !

How about some Chicken Egg Holders or a Chicken Egg Basket. 

Or for some more Easter table accessories, these Bunny and Chicken napkin rings.

You can find all info and more pictures about these crochet patterns in my 

In my shop you will even find some more Easter and spring patterns.

Happy crocheting !

Thanks for reading, it's much appreciated. Marjan. 

donderdag 27 februari 2014

Into the deep....

Hi every one !

Allthough the winter may almost be over, the nights can still be very chilly.

So I decided to design one more crochet pattern for a hot water bottle cover.

Take this little whale with you to bed and you will no longer have cold feet to keep you from a good night's sleep !

He will also keep you company on the couch if you wish to. 

This cover is made of acrylic (worsted weight) yarn, suitable for crochet hook G (4 mm).

The tail may look a bit intruiging to make, but in fact this is an easy pattern that works up fast.

More info and pictures can be found HERE. (Etsy)  

Or HERE (Ravelry) 

It has a button closure at the back side for easy inserting. 

Thanks for reading and I hope you will all have a nice day ! 

Happy crocheting ! 

donderdag 16 januari 2014

Kriebels ?

Hebben jullie al 'last' van Valentijns kriebels ?     :-)

Valentijnsdag komt al dicht bij en speciaal voor mijn eigen lieverd heb ik deze hartjes kruik hoes gehaakt.

Gemaakt van acryl garen (haaknaald 4)  is 'ie lekker zacht en warm.

Precies goed voor een Valentijns kado. 

De hoes is gehaakt van traditionele Granny Squares, gecombineerd met Hearts Squares.

De harten zijn dus niet opgenaaid, maar zitten verwerkt in het Square patroon. 

De voor en achterkant van de kruik hoes zijn identiek. 

De hoes heeft een opening waar je de kruik (gevouwen) door heen schuift.
Op deze manier kun je de kruik vullen met water en weer leeg laten lopen met de hoes er gewoon om heen.
Je hoeft de hoes er alleen maar af te halen als je 'm wilt wassen. 

Bij interesse in het patroon, kijk dan HIER.

Als je weet hoe je Granny Squares moet haken is dit patroon een makkie en superleuk om te maken !

Groetjes Marjan. 

Een fijne dag allemaal ! 

zondag 5 januari 2014

Een frisse start

Goedemorgen allemaal ! Een gelukkig nieuw jaar voor allen !

Zo, de feestmaand is weer voorbij en nu mag alles weer gewoon worden. :-)

Daar hou ik van.

Ik ben het nieuwe jaar al meteen begonnen met een nieuw haakpatroon.

Deze ovenwant en pannenlap zijn gehaakt van een dubbele draad Catania katoen en haaknaald 4, maar kan ook gemaakt worden van wol, dat ook heel geschikt is en goed bestand is tegen hitte.

Zo wordt het weer leuk en gezellig om te bakken en te koken !

Meer foto's en info over het patroon is te vinden in mijn  Etsy shop

Bedankt voor het lezen van mijn blog en geniet van deze zonnige zondag !


Good morning everyone ! A Happy New Year to all of you !

Isn't it nice to have all the December festivities way behind now and to start a fresh new year.

To start off the new year I have designed a new crochet pattern.

Now baking and cooking should be easy and fun with a kitchen set like this !

You can find more pictures and info about the pattern in my  Etsy shop.

Thanks for reading and have a nice day !