donderdag 24 april 2014

Something old, something new

Hi all !

I hope you all had some wonderful Easter days, I surely did.
I celebrated with my close family and we had a lovely Easter lunch all together. 

Now it's time to toss out all the Easter decorations. :-)
All the eggs, chickens and bunnies need to make room for new items to crochet !

With Mother's Day coming up I decided to renew one of my older crochet patterns. 

The lovely ladybug hot water bottle cover received some updates and a new, better shaped shield !
I'm very pleased with the result and I think my mother will be so happy to receive one of these for Mother's Day. :-) 

The cover is crocheted using acrylic yarn (8 ply / dk) with crochet hook G ( 4 mm).
If you'd like to see more pictures or info about the crochet pattern, then take a look HERE.

Another lovely Mother's Day gift would be a hot water bottle cover like this :

More info and pictures about this pattern can be found HERE
This one is also crocheted using acrylic yarn (8 ply / dk) with crochet hook G (4 mm).

Well, I hope you will choose some lovely gifts to crochet for your moms, whatever it will be ! :-)

Happy crocheting !   Marjan. 

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