zondag 18 december 2016

Crochet Pompom Edge

Hi everyone !

I’ve had this fleece reindeer blanket for years already 
and now decided to give it a crochet pompom edging. :-) 
Love it, wish I had done it earlier !
Made some changes to the original pattern/tutorial, see below.

If you would like to make a pompom edge to make your fleece blanket special, go ahead !
This is what I did (US terms): 

slst = slip stitch,  ch = chain,  dc = double crochet
1) Foundation round in light grey: slst in each little hole along the edge, with 2 ch in between each slst.
2) Next round in light grey: 2 dc in each 2 ch space along the straight edges, 3 dc in each 2 ch space along the rounded corners. Working 1 ch between each dc cluster.
  • Making the pompom: Working in 3rd ch from hook, [3 dc without the last yarn-pull-through, yarn over when having 4 loops on hook, and pull through all 4 loops at once]. Work 3 ch, working in the st that closed the 3 dc cluster, repeat between [ ]. Fold the last made cluster over the 1st made cluster, towards the front, and secure them with a slst in the st where your first cluster begins 
  • (To do this go through the stitch, leaving 1 part of the stitch in the back and 2 parts in the front, see link above for original pattern/tutorial from onceuponapinkmoon)
3) Pompom round in white: attach white yarn in a ch space, [work 4 ch, 1 pompom, 2 ch, slst in next ch space, 2 ch, slst in next ch space] 
Repeat bewteen [ ] all around the blanket edge.

Note: I decided to make a pompom every other ch space, to my liking, 
and to save time and yarn. ;-) 
Feel free to use my instructions and / or to make adjustments just like you wish 
or to fit your project !

Happy Holidays to you all ! Thanks for reading, XXX, Marjan.

maandag 7 november 2016

Nederlandse Versie Walvis Haakpatroon

Hallo allemaal !

Dit keer een blogje in het Nederlands ! :-)

Terwijl heel hakend Nederland in de ban was van de Kreadoe, heb ik me gestort op het vertalen van 1 van mijn haakpatronen.
Deze keer was de walvis amigurumi aan de beurt. 

Het Nederlandstalige patroon is af en toegevoegd aan mijn shops bij

ETSY        en        RAVELRY

Ik hoop hier alle hakende walvis fans een plezier mee te doen !
Kijk voor meer foto's en info over het patroon bij bovenstaande links.

En nu weer op naar een nieuw patroon !

Bedankt voor het lezen, heel veel liefs van Marjan. XXX

vrijdag 21 oktober 2016

Everyone Loves A Baby Elephant !

Everyone loves a baby elephant, right ?!
I know there are lots of elephant crochet patterns out there already but I just couldn't resist to design one for my shop. :-) 

Finished size will be approx. 8” (20 cm) tall in sitting position, crocheted using acrylic yarn (heavy DK - 8 ply), with hook size E (3.5 mm).
Gauge is not important for any of Millionbells amigurumi crochet patterns, just crochet tight enough so your stuffing won't show through the stitches.

The trunk and head are crocheted as 1 piece and the toes are incorporated while working the legs so there won't be much sewing to be done, which is always a bonus !
If you add (chenille) wire into the trunk it will be posable and this will add a lot of cuteness to your baby elephant, don't you agree ?
More pictures and info about the pattern can be found here :

Thanks for reading !

Wishing you al a nice weekend !

XXX Marjan.

zondag 14 augustus 2016

Time flies !

Hi all !

Wow, it's been such a long time since my last post here !
Sorry to have kept you waiting, life has been extremely hectic this year. 

Things are slowing down now and I hope I'll have more time to crochet and design new patterns for my pattern shop. :-)

Let me show you my latest new design. 

Oh yes, a lovely little whale !

The one in the picture is made using soft baby acrylic yarn from our local household store (which basically means a brand - less yarn, hehe, but it would be stated as sport weight yarn) and crochet hook size C (2.5 mm).
The finished length turned out approx. 10,6" (27 cm).
Off course you can make smaller or taller whales using another thickness of yarn and size crochet hook.

You can find more pictures and info about the pattern in my shops at

You can even find this pattern on Amigurumipatterns ! 

Thanks everyone for reading and taking a look !
Have a great remaining summer ! Will be back soon..... :-)

XXX  Marjan

donderdag 25 februari 2016

Easter coming up !

Hi everyone !

Wow, Easter is so early this year ! 
Just 3.5 weeks from now we'll be having the Easter weekend to celebrate. :-)
I'm looking forward to it, are you too ?
It means better weather is on it's way, and from then we'll slowly prepare the outside spaces for the upcoming summer. :-)
And off course celebrating Easter in our decorated homes !

As we speak of Easter decor, how about a nice sheepish teacosy for your breakfast table ?

This will be perfect ! :-)

Off course the crochet pattern for this teacosy can be found in my shops at

Remember I made these Easter / Spring patterns earlier, shown below ?

Patterns for these and lots of others can also be found in my shops !

Thanks for reading !

Wishing you al a nice day !
XXX Marjan.

donderdag 7 januari 2016

Hi again !

Hi again !
 Wishing everyone a very happy and healthy New Year !
May we all have lots of time to do crafty things, hehe. ;-)
I know I know, I'm late.....
I have been cought up in my work at the flower shop during the busy Christmas season.
Think it probably was the bussiest Christmas ever !
But here I am again and I a have a new crochet pattern to show you all. :-)
It took quite some time to create this one because I was lacking time to work on it.
So it was going really slow, but I think it was worth the wait; I believe this cute little Mini Cooper inspired car turned out just right !

If you'd like to see more pictures or want to know more about the pattern,
you can find all info here :
Well, I hope you like my new design. :-)
Now quickly off again to continue working on a new design !
I hope I can show you more soon.
 Thanks for reading my blog !
XXX Marjan.