zondag 14 augustus 2016

Time flies !

Hi all !

Wow, it's been such a long time since my last post here !
Sorry to have kept you waiting, life has been extremely hectic this year. 

Things are slowing down now and I hope I'll have more time to crochet and design new patterns for my pattern shop. :-)

Let me show you my latest new design. 

Oh yes, a lovely little whale !

The one in the picture is made using soft baby acrylic yarn from our local household store (which basically means a brand - less yarn, hehe, but it would be stated as sport weight yarn) and crochet hook size C (2.5 mm).
The finished length turned out approx. 10,6" (27 cm).
Off course you can make smaller or taller whales using another thickness of yarn and size crochet hook.

You can find more pictures and info about the pattern in my shops at

You can even find this pattern on Amigurumipatterns ! 

Thanks everyone for reading and taking a look !
Have a great remaining summer ! Will be back soon..... :-)

XXX  Marjan