zondag 18 december 2016

Crochet Pompom Edge

Hi everyone !

I’ve had this fleece reindeer blanket for years already 
and now decided to give it a crochet pompom edging. :-) 
Love it, wish I had done it earlier !
Made some changes to the original pattern/tutorial, see below.

If you would like to make a pompom edge to make your fleece blanket special, go ahead !
This is what I did (US terms): 

slst = slip stitch,  ch = chain,  dc = double crochet
1) Foundation round in light grey: slst in each little hole along the edge, with 2 ch in between each slst.
2) Next round in light grey: 2 dc in each 2 ch space along the straight edges, 3 dc in each 2 ch space along the rounded corners. Working 1 ch between each dc cluster.
  • Making the pompom: Working in 3rd ch from hook, [3 dc without the last yarn-pull-through, yarn over when having 4 loops on hook, and pull through all 4 loops at once]. Work 3 ch, working in the st that closed the 3 dc cluster, repeat between [ ]. Fold the last made cluster over the 1st made cluster, towards the front, and secure them with a slst in the st where your first cluster begins 
  • (To do this go through the stitch, leaving 1 part of the stitch in the back and 2 parts in the front, see link above for original pattern/tutorial from onceuponapinkmoon)
3) Pompom round in white: attach white yarn in a ch space, [work 4 ch, 1 pompom, 2 ch, slst in next ch space, 2 ch, slst in next ch space] 
Repeat bewteen [ ] all around the blanket edge.

Note: I decided to make a pompom every other ch space, to my liking, 
and to save time and yarn. ;-) 
Feel free to use my instructions and / or to make adjustments just like you wish 
or to fit your project !

Happy Holidays to you all ! Thanks for reading, XXX, Marjan.