zaterdag 23 december 2017

Best Wishes !

Hi everyone !

Finally the work is done ! In my day time job I mean. :-)

Now it's time to kick off my shoes, to get comfy with family and friends,

and to enjoy the Christmas weekend ahead !

I'll also try to find some time to get crafty and continue playing with a new crochet design.

I haven't done much crochet-wise lately and I've missed it !

Well, wishing you all a lovely, comfy and happy Christmas and all the best for 2018 !

Thanks so very much for following and supporting me the past year !

XXX Marjan. 

zondag 19 november 2017

Keep calm and hug a penguin !

Hi everyone !

The cold season is on it's way 
and that made me wanting to crochet a new hot water bottle cover.

I decided to update the crochet pattern for the penguin that I had in my shop.
It really deserved a new and fresh look !

The penguin’s body / cover works up quickly by crocheting it with 2 strands of yarn, held together. This will also have a nice and soft, thick and insulating effect on the cover. 

All other parts are worked up using a single strand of yarn. Stylecraft Special DK was used to create the penguin in the pictures.

There is an opening on the back side to insert a hot water bottle easily, 
with a button closure.

This cover can also be used as a pyjama case or as a pillow.
Cover will fit any standard 2 Liter rubber hot water bottle, size 7,87” x 10.63” (20 x 27 cm) measured excluding spout. Finsihed size of the cover will be approx. 18” (46 cm) tall.

Off course you can find more pictures and info in my pattern shops at
RAVELRY          ETSY        CRAFTSY
Thanks so much for reading !
XOXO Marjan.

zondag 5 november 2017

Just playing

Today I'm playing a little with picture taking. 

Until now I was pretty content with my old way of taking pictures of my crocheted items.

I learned a lot as I went along over the past few years,
but now it's time to give my items a somewhat more professional look, hehe ! 

I also decided I needed to add words.

So here I am, trying different back drops, trying new colors, 
trying new positions, trying to add messages !

Now you can see in one go, in which languages these patterns are available in.

Neat !

Starting this picture - taking - adventure in my car crochet patterns,
just because I love these the most !

I know they aren't perfect and I have a lot to learn about product photography,
but I am thrilled with my results today, hehe !

(Professional photographers seeing my pictures, will probably be LOL now, but I don't mind !)

Okay, one more. :-)

Oh ! I just noticed the difference in font size !

Some more to learn about I guess !

I know I won't have to mention this, 
but all crochet patterns in various languages are available in my shops at:

Patterns in English (US terms) only, are available at:

Thanks so much for reading !

XOXO Marjan.


Editing to add a few more new pictures. :-)

maandag 23 oktober 2017

New Christmas Ornaments Crochet Patterns

Hi everyone, 

There are a few new crochet patterns added to my shops !

If you're into Christmas tree ornaments, check out the pictures below. :-)

Aren't they sweet ?!

I'm sure these will find their special spots in my Christmas tree this year !

The ornaments in the pictures are made using cotton yarn (SMC Catania Solids, sport weight) and the finished sizes vary from approx. 3,5" to 5" tall. (9 to 13 cm)

You can make taller or smaller ornaments using thicker or thinner yarn and matching crochet hook.

The 9 patterns together are also available as a set.

You can find more pictures and info about the complete pattern set 
(or the smaller pattern sets of 3 ornaments each)

in my shops at

RAVELRY           ETSY           CRAFTSY

Thanks for visiting my blog / shop !

XOXO Marjan. 

woensdag 18 oktober 2017

Russian Dolls Galore !

Hi all. 

I can't help myself, I have always loved Russian Dolls.
You know, those wooden nesting dolls, that can hold up to 5 or 6 dolls inside. 
The inventor of these dolls was a genius, hehe !  :-D

Well, any way, I decided it was time to make an amigurumi version Russian Doll.
Isn't she sweet ?

She came with her sister. :-D

Finished size will be approx. 9.5” (24 cm) tall, made using 8 ply / DK soft acrylic yarn (wool or cotton) and crochet hook E (3.5 mm)
The doll’s head and body are crocheted together as 1 part. 
At the bottom of the doll’s body there will be some textured and colored stitches worked in, for an interesting and folkloristic look.
More pictures and info about the crochet pattern can be found in my shops at:

Thanks for reading, I'll be back soon, to show you some more of my new designs. 

XXX Marjan


If you love Russian Dolls, like I do, take a look at the updated design for a Russian Doll teacosy.

This sweet little lady will keep your tea steaming hot !

More pictures and info about the crochet pattern can be found in my shops at


XOXO Marjan. 

dinsdag 26 september 2017

New Ami Friend !

Hi there !

Unfortunately the summer is over, autumn is on my door step !

No need to worry, it's the perfect season to go inside and start a new crochet project.

Maybe start working up a baby bear.
I'm sure you can't say 'no' to his cute little muzzle !

The baby bear in the picture was made using Saskia yarn by Wibra, and crochet hook E (3,5 mm).
Finished size: 8" (21 cm) tall in sitting position. Off course you can always make a smaller or taller version of this amigurumi by using thinner or thicker yarn and matching crochet hook.

Crochet pattern  (PDF)  available through my shops at

ETSY          RAVELRY          CRAFTSY

Thanks for visiting ! 

XXX Marjan

donderdag 8 juni 2017

Say 'Hi' to Spots the monster !

Say 'Hi' to Spots the monster !

He might be the cutest monster in town, with his wide smile and his happy colored spots.

With all those lovely crocheted amigurumi monsters everywhere lately,
I couldn't resist creating one myself.

The crochet pattern for this amigurumi is written in English  (US terms)  and will be mostly worked in continuous rounds.

Spots will be approx. 10.6” (27 cm) tall, crocheted with hook size E (3,5 mm) and acrylic DK/8 ply yarn. 
Wibra Saskia yarn was used to create the monster in the picture. 

If you wish to make a taller or smaller version of this monster 
you can just use thicker or thinner yarn / crochet hook. 

The pink monster in the picture measures approx. 7” (18 cm) tall and was made using 
SMC Catania and crochet hook  C (2,5 mm).

See my shops at

RAVELRY               ETSY               CRAFTSY

for more pictures and info about the pattern !

Thank you so much for reading ! Wishing you all a lovely day !

XXX  Marjan.

zondag 28 mei 2017

Ladybugs everywhere !

Hi everyone, 

While working in the garden the other day I noticed a few of those cute little ladybugs.

I have always loved ladybugs !

While most critters seem to be natural colored to make sure they blend in, the ladybugs really stand out with their red shields and black dots !

Well anyway, seeing the ladybugs made me take a look at the Ladybug Lynn amigurumi pattern from my shop. 

Time for an update ! So that's what I did and here is the result:

I hope you love the renewed ladybug as much as I do.

The crochet pattern has been completely updated, the ladybug is now easier and quicker to crochet with her integrated muzzle and face, leaving you with less parts to sew together. 

Take a look in my shops to see more pictures and info about the pattern.


Thanks for reading ! Wishing you all a nice and sunny day and lots of time to crochet !

XXX Marjan.

dinsdag 4 april 2017

Classic 2CV Amigurumi

Hi all !

A new classic car amigurumi has been added to my car crochet patterns !

It's the 2CV, an old time classic we all love so much. 

Allthough I can't remember, I know my mother had one, when me and my sisters were very young kids. She drove us around in it and loved it ! Too bad I can't remember ! 
The one she had was a pale blue. :-)

The 2 2CV's in the picture were made using Stylecraft Special DK and crochet hook E (3,5 mm) and turned out approximately 9"long.
You can find more pictures and info about the pattern in my pattern shops at


The pattern is available in English (US terms) and Dutch (Nederlands).

Thanks for reading my blog ! 

XXX Marjan.