maandag 23 oktober 2017

New Christmas Ornaments Crochet Patterns

Hi everyone, 

There are a few new crochet patterns added to my shops !

If you're into Christmas tree ornaments, check out the pictures below. :-)

Aren't they sweet ?!

I'm sure these will find their special spots in my Christmas tree this year !

The ornaments in the pictures are made using cotton yarn (SMC Catania Solids, sport weight) and the finished sizes vary from approx. 3,5" to 5" tall. (9 to 13 cm)

You can make taller or smaller ornaments using thicker or thinner yarn and matching crochet hook.

The 9 patterns together are also available as a set.

You can find more pictures and info about the complete pattern set 
(or the smaller pattern sets of 3 ornaments each)

in my shops at

RAVELRY           ETSY           CRAFTSY

Thanks for visiting my blog / shop !

XOXO Marjan. 

woensdag 18 oktober 2017

Russian Dolls Galore !

Hi all. 

I can't help myself, I have always loved Russian Dolls.
You know, those wooden nesting dolls, that can hold up to 5 or 6 dolls inside. 
The inventor of these dolls was a genius, hehe !  :-D

Well, any way, I decided it was time to make an amigurumi version Russian Doll.
Isn't she sweet ?

She came with her sister. :-D

Finished size will be approx. 9.5” (24 cm) tall, made using 8 ply / DK soft acrylic yarn (wool or cotton) and crochet hook E (3.5 mm)
The doll’s head and body are crocheted together as 1 part. 
At the bottom of the doll’s body there will be some textured and colored stitches worked in, for an interesting and folkloristic look.
More pictures and info about the crochet pattern can be found in my shops at:

Thanks for reading, I'll be back soon, to show you some more of my new designs. 

XXX Marjan


If you love Russian Dolls, like I do, take a look at the updated design for a Russian Doll teacosy.

This sweet little lady will keep your tea steaming hot !

More pictures and info about the crochet pattern can be found in my shops at


XOXO Marjan.