zondag 5 november 2017

Just playing

Today I'm playing a little with picture taking. 

Until now I was pretty content with my old way of taking pictures of my crocheted items.

I learned a lot as I went along over the past few years,
but now it's time to give my items a somewhat more professional look, hehe ! 

I also decided I needed to add words.

So here I am, trying different back drops, trying new colors, 
trying new positions, trying to add messages !

Now you can see in one go, in which languages these patterns are available in.

Neat !

Starting this picture - taking - adventure in my car crochet patterns,
just because I love these the most !

I know they aren't perfect and I have a lot to learn about product photography,
but I am thrilled with my results today, hehe !

(Professional photographers seeing my pictures, will probably be LOL now, but I don't mind !)

Okay, one more. :-)

Oh ! I just noticed the difference in font size !

Some more to learn about I guess !

I know I won't have to mention this, 
but all crochet patterns in various languages are available in my shops at:

Patterns in English (US terms) only, are available at:

Thanks so much for reading !

XOXO Marjan.


Editing to add a few more new pictures. :-)

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Super leuke auto's! Vooral de onderste foto vind ik een topper!

    Lieve groetjes, Tinne

    1. Haha, dank je Tinne.
      Die onderste (en de bovenste) is en blijft mijn lievelingsauto !