vrijdag 23 maart 2018

Granny Squares and Polka Dots !

Hi !

I know everyone might be working on Easter projects at the moment, 
but have you also noticed Granny Squares and Polka Dots getting back in style ?!

That's so great, I have always just loved those !

You can mix and match just any colors you like, 
and use up all your scraps of yarn in Granny and Dotty projects.

I always love to crochet useful items such as tea cosies or hot water bottle covers
they just look lovely in crochet.
And in bright, bold colors they will bring some happiness into your home !

Maybe you became just as excited as I am about Granny Squares and Polka Dots and would like some more info about the patterns or just see some more pictures.

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The pictures shown here are just 2 examples made using Granny Squares and Polka Dots, but on the world wide web you can find lots and lots of crochet projects that will feed your inspiration !

Thanks for visiting my blog, and a Happy Easter ! 

XOXO Marjan.