dinsdag 17 april 2018

Translating Crochet Patterns

Hi everyone, 

Whenever I'm working on a new design which is making just slow progress, I need to give my mind a break from time to time.

Off course I can (and will !) go for a walk or do some shopping, I also like to work on translations.
I have always loved my language classes back at school and am happy that they turned out useful now, hehe ! :-D

So, I'm happy to let you know, the following patterns have recently been updated with versions in Dutch and / or German.


You can find all available languages in my shops at 

RAVELRY      and       ETSY

Oh, and by the way, some of my patterns are even available in French ! 
I cannot do this myself though unfortunately; my dear crocheting friend Gaelle in France does this for me occasionally ! I'm so happy to have her as a translator !

Well, I will keep on adding versions in different languages, for as much as I can, especially while being a little stuck on a new crochet pattern design !

Thanks for reading, and see you soon again ! 

XOXO Marjan.